Medico Legal Neurology Reports

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Medico Legal Neurology Reports are very important when it comes to medico legal cases which involve a traumatic brain injury. It is important a Neurologist can assess the client and find out how the accident has affected the way their brain operates and can provide a full neurological opinion on what needs to be done going forward. MLNP have dedicated nearly two decades to the legal profession providing a variety of legal services to our medico legal experts including proof reading reports before they are sent out to ensure they are the best they can be and the most detailed they can be.

Through our extensive legal costing services, we have long standing relationships within the legal profession and a greater understanding of what is required from a medico-legal report.

The firm regularly receives general enquiries, which we then discuss with the most appropriate partnership consultant, ensuring only enquiries relevant to your expertise are placed before you and also you benefit from enquiries directed to the firm.

We function as the skeleton business for our medical experts, meaning that where communication from a solicitor is a direct instruction to you, it is ourselves that handle everything other than the medical expert opinion writing.

We understand the huge importance of a well written medico-legal report to the progression of cases. This understanding is at the heart of our day to day work in progressing the instructions the team receive.

If you wish to enquire for Medico Legal Neurology Reports; please email us with the following information:

  • Accident details
  • Injuries sustained
  • Why a neurologist is required
  • Volume of records to be reviewed
  • Advise us of any deadlines

Once we have the above information provided we will then process your enquiry.

If you wish to find out more about our Neurologists please click here.

Medico Legal Neurology Reports

The team at Medico-Legal & Neuroscience Partnership look forward to hearing from you.

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