The importance of expert medical evidence can never be underestimated

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Cases concerning children are always the most difficult to deal with, evoking all sorts of responses and emotions.  

In a recent case where a mother had initially been found responsible for inflicting non-accidental injuries on her baby, the finding was ultimately set aside for various reasons, including the question of the child possibly having a genetic condition whereby he was susceptible to bruising.  

In our experience, some experts are reluctant to get involved in such matters. However, it is our view that these are the cases that are in most need of expert opinion.  It is critical that the correct decision is made for the child, whose entire future will be affected.

We are grateful to those experts who take on the challenge of assisting in these very difficult cases and urge professionals to join us in taking up the mantle and working together for the good of our society in protecting the best interests of our children.

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