Relief from Sanction & Without Prejudice….

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Friday afternoon has rolled around again in no time.

Despite my well founded intention to tweet every day and write regular articles, this has not yet come to fruition, but I am working on it….

The frenzy surrounding costs budgets seems to have died down for now and I haven’t used my crystal ball for a while.  It is refreshing to catch up on some general costs issues and review the latest round of cases, a cpuple of which are set out below.

Happy reading and have a great weekend all.



QBD (Stewart J) 27/04/2017

Relief from sanctions refused after Applicants sought relief after cut off date for their claims to be added under group litigation order – Denton test applied – no good reason for default.

EMW LAW LLP v SCOTT HALBORG [2017] EWHC 1014 Ch D (Newey J) 04/05/2017

An interesting case where solcitor agents had carried out work for the solicitor in a successful claim.  In relation to recovery of their costs, the agents were entitled to disclosure of documents relating to settlement of the solicitor’s clients’ costs and the solicitor could not rely on without prejudice rule to withhold disclosure.

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