Negligence and the Medical Profession

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Many hold mixed views on this subject.  It is right, of course, that those lives who have been affected by medical negligence are taken care of as best as possible, including monetry damages to help them live to the fullest within any limitations that such negligence may have led to.  Many people, including myself, are indebted to these professional who have saved our lives or given us time and hope or fixed our broken bones or helped us see things in a different way and change our thought processes.  The list goes on… 

When things go wrong it is incomprehensible that this could have been through any wilful act, although from Ian Paterson and others we know that this happended, although tankfully it is rare.  When a doctor makes a mistake whilst trying to do their best for us the consequences are much more far reaching than a mistake in many other roles.  I think it is good to see thatthis is recognised and steps are being taken to encourage the best young doctors through the ranks and give them the support that they need.

For further reading on the development of a state backed schem, follow this link –

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