Fixed costs in cases which do not proceed through all stages

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I am often asked questions about the fixed costs regimes.  As a costs draftsman, I rarely have the need to be involved in fixed costs, for obvious reasons.  I thought it may therefore be beneficial to clients to post information on decisions of significance.

You may find the decision in this case of interest, whereby the Claimant’s solicitors were able to keep Stage 1 fixed costs in circumstances where the matter was not further progressed on the basis that the aim of the protocol was to ensure that they were paid for work done during each stage:

JC & A Solrs Ltd v (1) Andeen Iqbal (2) EUI Ltd, C & A Solrs Ltd v (1) Lucas Lonsdale Smith (2) EUI Ltd, JC & A Solrs Ltd v (1) Holly Pitts (2) EUI Ltd [2017] EWCA Civ 355

Please also see articles of interest leading up to this;

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