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Drs David Hacker, Gordon Mazibrada and Tim Hull Lead Clinicians have been working with the legal team since the partnership was first formed.

Dr David Hacker, Dr Tim Hull and Dr Gordon Mazibrada have over many years made a huge contribution to the resolution of medico-legal cases.

They are supported by a team of highly experienced administrators. In-house they are AKA ‘The Forensic Administrators’!

We keep our medical and legal knowledge up to date. Thus enabling the team to continue to produce the highest quality medical-legal reports.

Dr David Hacker recently produced some interesting reports in a case concerning gas poisoning. Urgent reports on matters close to the limitation date have fallen to Dr Hull lately. Meanwhile, Dr Gordon Mazibrada is currently working on a case for a client with multiple sclerosis.

Other interesting cases include a young lady with cerebral palsy, whose husband tragically died in an accident. We reported how this impacted upon her given that her husband had been her carer and they had a young family.

We have also reported in a clinical negligence case with a COVID19 aspect.

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