The benefits of choosing SM Legal Services for your costing requirements include:

⦁ the development of personal relationships with members of our team, who understand different fee-earners’ requirements and methods of working, enabling matters to be dealt with efficiently, consistently and to all clients’ personal satisfaction

⦁ the freeing up of fee-earning time to be spent on billing, a decrease in time spent on costs and more competitive rates, leading to a reduction in overheads and increase in profits

⦁ the choice of a fixed percentage charge or an hourly rate, which could be of particular benefit for substantial matters

⦁ the ability to budget on a case by case basis, if so desired

⦁ immediate attention to urgent matters

⦁ a virtual in-house service at no additional cost to yourself

The benefits of instructing Medico-Legal Neuroscience Partnership include:

⦁ the team is comprised of legal and medical experts who work closely together

⦁ the option of instructing experts of different disciplines through one provider

⦁ a multi-discipline approach with no need to duplicate records for different experts

⦁ ease and speed of transportation of records between experts

⦁ ease of liaison between experts where necessary and particularly in complex cases

⦁ one provider arranging all additional services (such as MRI scans, Physiotherapy) where appropriate

What Medico-Legal Neuroscience Partnership can offer to Medical Experts:

⦁ through our extensive legal costing services, we have long standing relationships within the legal profession and a greater understanding of what is required from a medico-legal report

⦁ the firm regularly receives general enquiries, which we then discuss with the most appropriate partnership consultant, ensuring only enquiries relevant to your expertise are placed before you and also you benefit from enquiries directed to the firm

⦁ we function as the skeleton business for our medical experts, meaning that where communication from a solicitor is a direct instruction to you, it is ourselves that handle everything other than the medical expert opinion writing

⦁ we can keep business accounts for you and liaise with your accountant on VAT and turnover and much more

⦁ we endeavour to meet with all of our consultants and to develop personal relationships within the team

⦁ we arrange informal social gatherings, giving our consultants the opportunity to meet and discuss experiences, and on-going professional development

⦁ we can sign experts up with a whole host of agencies to ensure that you achieve relevant and adequate volumes of work that meet with your satisfaction without the time and effort involved in generating a varied source of work

⦁ the intrinsic rewards of a more personable and team effort approach to providing expert reports, which are essential to the successful resolution of cases

⦁ we can even design your business card!