Dr ABK Medico-Legal Dentist in Sutton Coldfield from Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership. I have been a fully qualified dentist since 1993. I am highly experienced and I am looking forward to expanding my medico-legal case load.

I act as an expert witness in cases involving bite marks and dental negligence.

As a background, I have owned my own Dental practice and have managerial and communication skills. I am experienced within mixed NHS and private practices where I have had the opportunity of carrying out restorative and cosmetic procedures. I also have experience in Facial Aesthetics.

I was jointly responsible for the NHS prison dental strategies and am a passionate and enthusiastic dentist within this field. I was a committee member at the inception of NAPDUK (National Association of Prison Dentistry UK) and helped promote prison dentistry and create the foundation for governance.

Currently I work for BCHC (Birmingham Community HealthCare) as a Senior Dental Officer. This entails treating special care and anxious adults using sedation.  I have also supervised and gradeD the 4th and 5th year Dental Students at Birmingham Dental Hospital.

I am a Forensic Odontologist who has served the Birmingham coroner, Police and UK DVI Team (Disaster Victim Identification Team). This allowed me to be placed on the UK Mass Disaster Team which led to my deployment to Thailand for the 2004 Tsunami disaster helping to identify victims of the tsunami and bring closure for loved ones. I have worked at the metropolitan police headquarters, advising police in this field.

I am committed and confident working within a team and on my own. I endeavor to face daily challenges with a professional disposition. I maintain a professional and amicable inclination with both colleagues and patients. I passed the DLM (Diploma in Legal Medicine) with distinction in September 2021.

I am working with the team at Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership to expand my workload and take on Medico-Legal cases, I specialise in:

·      Restorative and preventive dentistry

·      Rotary endodontics, Protaper & K3 system

·      Crown and Bridgework

·      Cosmetic Crowns·    

·      Simple & surgical extractions

·      Prosthodontics

·      Botox and Dermal Fillers

.      Prison Dentistry

.      Treating Patients detained under the Mental Health Act

Medico-Legal Dentist in Sutton Coldfield

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