Hi Dr KA Consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Solihull here from Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership. I am an astute and competent clinician working in the area of Clinical Neuropsychiatry. I am one of very few psychaitrists in the United Kingdom who is accredited in both General Adult Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Learning Disability which puts me in a unique position to see every adult irrespective of IQ with a good undertsanding of developmental disorders in adulthood. I specialise in neuropsychiatric assessment and treatement of patients with an acquired brain injury as well as adults with neurodevelopmental disorders. My clinical interests include neurocognitive and neuro-behavioral disorders due to a traumatic brain injury, trauma and stressor-related disorders, sleep-wake disorders, non-eplieptic attack disorders, somatic symtoim and relaed disorders (somatoform disorders),chronic fatigue , autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

I have extensive experience in medico-legal reporting across various jurisdictions including England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. I have provided opinions to a variety of bodies and organizations including the General Medical Council (GMC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the Health Service Ombudsman, the Health and Care Professions Council, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), the Court of Protection, the Employment Tribunal, the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) and several Law Organizations, solicitors and the insurance industry in civil cases.

I am an APIL 1st Tier Expert.

I produce over 100 reports per year on complex Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases. I have been providing opinions in complex Personal Injury cases and Clinical Negligence cases since 2009. Currently my annual workload is fairly evenly split between Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases. My percentage of work is approximately 65% (Claimant), 33% (Defendant), 2% (Single Joint Expert). I attend court hearings and give evidence approximately 2 to 3 times a year. I regularly attend medico-legal courses/training annually as part of my Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and I have successfully completed the Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate from Cardiff University in 2014.

I am based in Birmingham but I am willing to see clients living in any part of the country. I am willing to carry out home visits and video consultations.

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Solihull

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