Hi, Dr MB Consultant Neuropsychiatrist Dementia exper from Medico-Legal and Neuroscience Partnership. I am a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist Medico-Legal expert based in Middlesex London. I am qualified in both General Medicine (to Hospital Medicine standard) and in Neuropsychiatry. It is very rare to find this in any psychiatrist nowadays. This is how I am able to diagnose many complex psychiatric problems which are often poorly dealt with in general psychiatry. Particularly useful in my Medico-Legal Neuropsychiatric work!

I have over 25 years of experience as a psychiatrist, an holistic approach in treating patients mean I take time to listen. This gives me the best chance to piece together the whole picture and provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan back to good health.

My Medico-Legal career commenced in 2009 to provide Neuropsychiatrist opinions. I am one of the leading figures in this field and have worked on over 120 cases in the past three years alone and producing up to 120 reports a year with an estimated report turnaround time of 10 weeks. I can also provide second opinions to other Consultants/Doctors. A key skill I have in this field of expertise is I am fluent in Russian and Gujarati. The injuries in which I report on are Personal injury, Brain injury and mental capacity. When assessing patients I am happy to perform home, weekend, evening and prison visits.

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist Dementia expert

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