Consultant Neurologist based in London

Hi, Dr DP Consultant Neurologist based in London. I am Medico-Legal expert working closely with Medico-Legal & Neuroscience Partnership team on a day to day basis to produce Medico-Legal reports for the court to provide a neurological opinion.

As a Consultant Neurologist Medico-Legal expert I provide assessments and manage people with a broad range of neurological symptoms and disorder and this includes the following:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of movement
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) and inflammation of the nervous system
  • Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
  • Dementia and Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Peripheral nerve and muscle disorders

I have more than 5 years of Medico-Legal experience as a Consultant Neurologist. I prepare reports for the court (both Claimant and Defendant – 60/40 split) relating to Civil, Criminal and Clinical negligence cases. On an annual basis I prepare between 30-40 reports.

I have had sample reports independently assessed for quality by instructing lawyers via the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. To also further promote my status as a medico-legal expert I am a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI), I am on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and I am also a member of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses.

I have also attended courses on medico-legal report writing for civil cases run by Bond Solon, the British Medical Association and ProSols, a course endorsed by the Expert Witness Institute.

I have undertaken Medico-legal report writing and Court Room Skills training with The Royal College of Physicians as well as with “Specialist Info” and most recently with Bond Solon. Alongside this I have also had anonymised reports independently assessed by a leading Solicitor associated with The Faculty of Expert Witnesses for Doctors.

Consultant Neurologist based in London

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