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Birmingham based law costs draftsmen, legal costs recovery, precedent H costs,

costs advocacy and negotiation,UK wide coverage


 Medico-Legal Experts

expert witnesses and medical reports in various fields including neuroscience, based in Birmingham,

West Midlands, but operating throughout the UK including London, The North East & West



Expert Witnesses & Medico-Legal Reports (Birmingham, West Midlands, North West, Yorkshire, UK)


Dr. M.Y Consultant Neurologist & Epileptologist Neurology Medical Reports


Dr. Gordon Mazibrada, Consultant Neurologist Medico-Legal Neurology Reports


Dr. David Hacker, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist Neuropsychology Medical Reports


Dr. Elizabeth Bray, Clinical Psychologist Psychology Medical Reports


Dr. Faisal Mir, Principal Clinical Psychologist Psychology Medical Reports


Dr. Allan Thomas, Consultant Clinical Neuroradiologist Neuroradiology Medical Reports


Dr. Colin Shirley, Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist  Neurophysiology Medical Reports


Dr. Nazim Nathani, Consultant Respiratory Physician  Respiratory Medical Reports


Dr. Inyang Takon, Consultant Paediatrician Paediatric Neurology Medical Reports


Mr. Matija Krkovic, Consultant Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon  Orthopaedic Medical Reports


Matthew Lawrence, Speech & Language Therapist  Medico-Legal Speech & Language Therapy


Suzanne Oxley, Physiotherapist  Medico-Legal Physiotherapy & Causation / Liability Reports


Paul Dillon, Physiotherapist  Medico-Legal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Principal Clinical Psychiatrist For medical reports in this field, please contact us for consultant details


Dr. Dominic Paviour, Consultant Neurologist London based medial reports in Neurology


Mr. Jawalant Mehta, Consultant Spine Surgeon Spinal injury medico-legal reports


Dr. David Ecclestone, Aesthetic Physicain GP Negligence and Cosmetic Injection medico-legal reports


Dr. Dawn Adams, Clinical and Chartered Psychologist Paediatric Neuropsychology medico-legal reports


Shakila Thangaratinam, Professor of Maternal and Perinatal Health Pregnancy related medico legal reports


Dr Tim Hull, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist Medical Reports Neuropsychology



UK Wide Medico-Legal Physiotherapy, Photography, Couriering, Process Serving, MRI Scan and Report


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