Experts in Law Cost Drafting, Advocacy and Negotiation


SM Legal Services Ltd are a firm of Birmingham based costs draftsmen who have been providing legal costs recovery services to the legal profession for nearly two decades. We prepare all types of bills of costs relating to all areas of the law and specialise in complex high value cases. For the benefits of using SM Legal Services for your costing requirements, see here. Files for costing can be collected by our private courier or received through the DX system: DX 20853 Four Oaks.


As a firm, we have already prepared a high number of costs budgets and have developed our own format/practice in this regard. Naturally, we have extensive experience in other aspects of costs and would be pleased to work to any preferred templates or styles.


 Sally Mackey, director and chief costs draftsman at SM Legal Services


Recovery of Costs


We prepare all types of bills of legal costs relating to all areas of the law:

  • high quality detailed and accurate bills of costs (inter partes, legal aid, solicitor-client)
  • precedent H costs budgets
  • statements of costs
  • estimates of costs
  • schedules/summaries of costs
  • points of dispute
  • replies to points of dispute
  • High Cost Case Plans for family and civil matters
  • CLS costs claim forms
  • CCMS online claims for costs
  • preparation of estimates for allocation and listing questionnaires

 Cost Advocacy


 We have extensive negotiation and advocacy experience on detailed assessment and offer:

  • representation on detailed assessment hearings AND on costs related hearings
  • attendance upon telephone hearings
  • negotiations and attendance at court
  • assistance with provisional assessments

 Advice on Costs


We offer advice and guidance:

  • general advice on legal costs and costs management
  • formal written advices
  • advice on formulating offers and conducting settlement negotiations

In-House Costing

  • We are happy to attend your offices at your request to  undertake work. This service can be useful for particularly large cases where it would be preferred that the files do not leave your premises, for cases of a sensitive nature and/or for urgent matters.


 Give us a call: 0121 352 0517 


All of our law costs draftsmen are vastly experienced, qualified in law and skilled in advocacy and negotiation. We are based in Birmingham, West Midlands, but operate in various locations throughout the UK, including; Wolverhampton, Stafford, Shropshire, Worcester, Warwick, Leicester, Coventry, Hereford, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Cheshire, London, Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds, Lincoln, Walsall, Solihull, Lichfield, Kidderminster, Chester, Stratford, Stoke, Gloucester, Peterborough, Sheffield, Bolton and Cannock.