Medico Legal MRI scanning and reporting service


We can organise an MRI scan through one of our highly qualified, supervised MRI scanning services. Either Dr Allan Thomas or Dr Vijay Sawlani, our independent Neuroradiologists, will reports on the scans. Please see our MRI page for more information.


X-rays and nerve conduction studies


We can arrange nerve conduction studies, x-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds. We will post updates on our blog page with any new facilities we secure.


Medico Legal Physiotherapy and rehabilitation


We arrange physiotherapy appointments, offering a wide range of treatments covering musculoskeletal, spinal and neurological problems.  Our Physiotherapists are:


Suzanne Oxley: (Hand, Upper Limb & Peripheral Nerve Injury)

Paul Dillon: (Acute & Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions)


Process Serving


Our process server will, on your instructions, provide a prompt and dedicated service, serving all types of court papers including; statutory demands, writs, bankruptcy petitions, summons or claim forms, divorce petitions, winding-up orders, court orders, family proceedings orders and injunctions.


Legal Courier Service


20 years nationwide couriering experience, the most recent 7 of which is within the legal and medico-legal professions. For clients with whom we are currently working, this is a free service, but we also offer this independently at a very competitive rate. 


Medico-Legal Photography


Our photographer provides accurate and clear photographs of scars and lesions, and of accident loci. Photographs display the severity of an injury and/or scarring, and can be obtained at various stages to show the speed of the healing process. Photographs can also be obtained which show disorders of function.